I was extremely anxious about this procedure and it could not have been easier. The office staff was very supportive.
--  Anonymous, Patient Satisfaction Survey, Boardman, Ohio - 2011

Wireless Capsule Endoscopy

What is Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy?

Wireless Capsule Endoscopy (also called PillCam SB®) helps your doctor determine the cause for recurrent or persistent symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, bleeding or anemia, in most cases where other diagnostic procedures failed to determine the reason for your symptoms. In certain chronic gastrointestinal diseases, the method can help to evaluate the extent to which your small intestine is involved or to monitor the effect of your treatment

Small bowel capsule endoscopy enables your doctor to examine the three portions (duodenum, jejunum, and ileum) of your small intestine. Your doctor will use a vitamin-sized pill video capsule as an endoscope, which has its own camera and light source. While the video capsule travels through your body, images are sent to a data recorder you will wear on a waist belt. Most patients consider the test comfortable. Afterwards, your doctor will view the images on a computer monitor.

PillCam SB® is not for everyone. PillCam® video capsules should not be used in patients with: known or suspected gastrointestinal obstructions; strictures or fistulas; cardiac pacemakers or other implantable devices; and swallowing disorders. Your doctor will advise you.

What should I expect during PillCam SB® endoscopy?

The staff will prepare you for the examination by applying a sensor array to your abdomen in a belt that you wear around your waist. The PillCam® is swallowed and passes naturally through your digestive tract for approximately seven to eight hours.
You will be able to eat four hours after swallowing the capsule ingestion unless your doctor instructs you otherwise. The capsule is disposable and passes naturally with your bowel movement. You should not feel any pain or discomfort when you pass the capsule during a bowel movement.

If you want to know more about the PillCam or this procedure, please call our office at 216-593-7700 to schedule an appointment with on of our physicians.