To Our Loyal Patients,

After 56 years of successful service, Gastroenterology Associates of Cleveland, Inc. ceased operations. See our recommendations regarding ongoing GI care.  We encourage you to follow up with one of these physicians. Please note that our office phone number is no longer in service.

Please disregard any previous information on how to obtain your medical records. Please now see the instructions for release of medical records. If you would like to request a copy of your personal medical records or Protected Health Information (PHI), to be sent to your physician or to yourself (patient).

Note – Cleveland Clinic (including Hillcrest Hospital gastroenterologists), and Cleveland Clinic health system affiliated physicians will have access to your electronic medical records including endoscopic procedure reports while you were a patient in our office. These reports are visible only to your Healthcare Provider in Scanned Documents.


Jack Steven Lissauer, MD

Michael Henry Frankel, MD