Mission and Vision Statement


To provide ambulatory healthcare services which excel in Caring, Quality and Innovation.


The Gastroenterology Associates of Cleveland will be the best place to be a patient, the best place to work, and the best place to practice medicine. Our extraordinary people, our innovative clinical technology, and our effective use of information systems will set us apart.


To create an environment that supports and rewards.

  • Caring and Compassion
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork and Trust
  • Mutual Respect and Recognition
  • Cost Effective/Ethical Behavior 


To deliver services that result in desired outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge

As part of Gastroenterology Associates of Cleveland, the Cleveland Center for Digestive Health & Endoscopy is an Ambulatory Endoscopy Center whose patients, family, physicians and staff work as a team to provide the highest quality same-day surgical care available.

Patients will find their care is provided by a competent, professional staff. Patients’ comfort and safety will be maintained in a pleasant, attractive atmosphere throughout all phases of their stay. Families and close friends are encouraged to take part in individualized care. The Endoscopy Center will provide a timely, accessible, cost-effective alternative for comprehensive care of the GI system in concert with its parent Corporation Gastroenterology Associates of Cleveland, Inc.

The GAC Institute for Gastrointestinal Pathology was an innovative concept in 2005 when established as the first in-house anatomic pathology laboratory in a private medical practice.  Our board certified gastrointestinal pathologist provides immediate consultation to our professional staff.

Our Clinical Research Group strives to preserve quality of life and well-being by continually seeking the latest and most effective methods for the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal conditions.  At this time, we are the only GI private practice group offering innovative clinical research opportunities to our patients.

Employees in each of our divisions will be provided a safe, supportive working environment with the opportunity for professional growth. Gastroenterology Associates of Cleveland will strive to maintain community standards for employee compensation and benefits.

Physicians will find a well-maintained and equipped facility that allows an optimal surgical environment supported by a cooperative staff with expert clinical skills. The Cleveland Center for Digestive Health & Endoscopy emphasizes flexible scheduling with on-time cases, efficient case flow and ancillary care as needed.